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Sheaf St Open Deck


Our popular Open Deck Night at Sheaf St has made a triumphant return after a four-month hiatus. With the generous support of Leeds Inspired, Open Deck relaunche on Wednesday, May 3rd.

The Sheaf St Open Deck Night is an incredible opportunity for DJs of all backgrounds to engage with the local DJ community, build lasting friendships, and share their passion for great music. With both private and public one-hour sets available from 6-11 pm every week, participants can also benefit from first-class tutoring in our Café & Event Space.

Press the button below to get signed up!  You can find an informational video, along with more details and an FAQ further down the page.

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Thanks to Leeds Inspired, participants can now receive funding for travel expenses up to a maximum of £10. We are incredibly grateful to Leeds Inspired for their support in helping us continue to offer this unique platform for budding DJs in our community. Their funding has allowed us to keep the Open Deck Night alive and expand its scope, fostering a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

To celebrate our return, we’re announcing special drinks deals exclusively for friends of the signups. Any friend you bring along will get 50% off their first drink! Furthermore, we’ll be collaborating with local collectives to organize one-off events such as tutoring sessions, tech demos, and talks. These special events will provide valuable learning opportunities and networking experiences for both aspiring DJs and music enthusiasts in our community.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Sheaf St Open Deck Night and seeing our local DJ scene thrive, thanks to the support of Leeds Inspired and the enthusiasm of our participants and patrons.

    • How does the Open Deck Night work? Open Deck Night takes place every Wednesday from 6-11 pm at the Sheaf St Bar and Event Space, offering 10 slots for DJs of all skill levels to perform on industry-standard equipment. Participants can sign up for a 1-hour set, either privately or publicly. The signup sheet is released on the last Monday of each month.
    • How can I sign up for an Open Deck Night slot? The signup sheet is released on the last Monday of each month. You can sign up through our website or social media channels, where you’ll find a link to the signup form.
    • Can I get a slot every week/month? While we appreciate your enthusiasm, we cannot guarantee a slot every week or month due to high demand and our commitment to providing opportunities for a diverse range of DJs. We aim to ensure that everyone who signs up has a fair chance to perform and experience the Open Deck night. We encourage you to sign up regularly and attend the event even when you’re not performing, as it’s a great opportunity to network, learn from others, and enjoy the music.
    • What if I’m not experienced enough to DJ at the Open Deck Night? While we recommend having a basic understanding of DJing for Cafe slots, the Event Space offers a more private setting where you can experiment and learn. Additionally, we provide free tutoring for those looking to improve their skills upon request.
    • Can I attend Open Deck Night just to watch and socialise? Absolutely! Open Deck Night is a great social hub to share records, tips and tricks, and enjoy each other’s music. We encourage everyone, even non-performers, to join us and benefit from the special drinks deals and vibrant atmosphere.
    • What type of equipment is provided for DJs to use? We provide industry-standard DJ equipment for participants to use during their Open Deck slot. This includes a professional DJ mixer, CDJs or turntables, and a PA system for optimal sound quality. Our goal is to give DJs the opportunity to practice and perform on high-quality equipment that they may not have access to otherwise. Please note that DJs are expected to bring their own music (in the form of vinyl records, or USB drives) and headphones. If you have any specific equipment requirements or questions, feel free to reach out to us in advance, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. Note that we cannot support CDs in both spaces simultaneously, if you want to play with CDs, you’ll need to specify directly over email.
    • Is tutoring available for participants? Yes, tutoring is available for participants upon request. We aim to provide guidance and support to help DJs improve their skills and gain confidence using the equipment. If you’re interested in receiving tutoring during your Open Deck slot, please let us know in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements. This service is part of our commitment to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for DJs of all skill levels.
    • How does funding for travel expenses work?Its sad if our signups struggle to get here especially with us being out of town.  To support participants in attending Open Deck Night, Leeds Inspired have provided funding for travel expenses up to the value of £10 for the next 6 months commencing 3rd May and ending 25th October. To claim this funding, you will need to answer a question on the form with your address and we will send you a day-saver bus voucher to your address in the run-up to the event.
    • How do the special drinks deals for friends of signups work? Special drinks deals are offered exclusively to friends of the participants who have signed up for a slot, come along and receive a 50%off drinks token for any drink up to the value of £6
    • How can I find out about upcoming special one-off events like tutoring sessions, tech demos, and talks? To stay updated on upcoming special events, keep an eye on our social media channels and official website, where we’ll announce details.
    • Are the tutoring sessions, tech demos, and talks open to all skill levels? Yes, these special one-off events cater to all skill levels, from beginners to experienced DJs. They provide valuable learning opportunities and networking experiences for everyone interested in the local DJ scene.
    • Will there be any fees associated with attending the special one-off events? Open Deck is free, and thanks to Leeds Inspired, there are no fees for any of our special one-off events.
    • How can I stay updated on the latest news and announcements related to Sheaf St Open Deck Night and special events? To stay informed about the latest news and announcements, follow our social media channels and visit our website regularly. We’ll share updates on Open Deck Night, special events, and other relevant information to keep you in the loop.


Sheaf St Open Deck
Sheaf St Open Deck