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Sheaf St Open Deck


For more on the current state of the cafe closure:- https://sheafst.com/we-are-going-into-hibernation/


Every week – the Sheaf St DJ booth is open to DJs from all walks of life who don’t usually get to play on industry-standard equipment.

The Sheaf St Open Deck is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in your local DJ network and build friendships whilst playing some great music the way you want. Private or Public. 1 Hour sets. 1st class tutoring.

We now run sets from 6-10 pm every Wednesday in both our Cafe & Event Space

Press the button below to get signed up!

NOTE: this signup sheet is closed until the third Thursday of November as we’re full up for November. It will be reactivated on 17/11/22

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When is Open Deck held?

Open Deck is held every Wednesday 6-10pm at Sheaf St Cafeteria, 3 Sheaf St, Leeds, LS10 1HD

Where can I sign-up?

Press the button above!^

How long are sets?

We pride ourselves on giving out a mininum of 1 hour slots, this ensures people get a proper amount of time on the decks

Am I guaranteed a slot?

we are quite commonly overbooked, especially for the event space, we now aim to make sure that no one waits longer than 1 month for a slot.

When do next months slots go live?

Every 3rd Thursday of the Month. It’s always the same form now, so save this page to your bookmarks to come again. However, we will notify people when new slots are released

Do I need to be experienced?

We recommend a small amount of prior knowledge for Cafe slots, but it isn’t essential. The Event Space is mostly a private set, and you can experiment as much as you want. We also provide free tutoring for those on request.

Do I need to perform?

Of course not, if you’re just getting started on your DJing journey or want to meet others. Open Deck is a great social hub to come share records, tips&tricks and enjoy each other’s music. We also offer drinks discounts for those coming down to watch.

How do I get my mix?

We’re currently working on a beta test of a cloud service where you can download your mixes. They should be uploaded a minimum 24hs after & sent via email to your account automatically.