Open Deck Closed Doors


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Open Deck Closed Doors

Open Deck Thursdays are returning!

From the 20th of May in a temporary new form, we’ll be back with ‘Open Deck Closed Doors’.

We can’t wait till we can come back as normal inside but until then we thought that we could make use of the vast array of top-notch equipment we’ve got here at our disposal and operate behind closed doors. Some very shiny new kit to play on!

Open Deck Thursdays are of course a social event first and always has been for DJs to come and try out their chops and meet some like-minded friendly individuals and hear some great music, and as restrictions ease we’ll return closer to our original format.

However, in the meantime, it does give us certain exciting opportunities to be able to play with. With no audience we can unleash you on the full club space (not the café/bar) You’ll be playing on the club sound system with a full club lighting rig & visuals setup with NO MUSIC POLICY. Play whatever you like!

We’ll also have the option for live-streaming you and your set to the page as well as record your mix with a state-of-the-art camera setup for you to take home with you and send to promoters/friends/family/whoever you wish! An amazing opportunity to show off your skills and promote yourself. Also if you’re more cautious about playing in front of an audience, the best way to ease yourself into playing in front of a few people. This is about having fun and learning & all skill levels are welcome. The best way to get better is to put yourself out there.

Spaces will be limited and on an application basis. We particularly encourage applications from women, POC, and LGBTQI+
Priority will be given to those with less DJ experience.

Current Dates are:
20th May | 27th May | 3rd June |10th June | 17th June
Featuring: 4x CDJ3000s | 1x Pioneer V10 mixer | 2x Technics 1210’s | 1x DJS1000 Sampler