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Grub & Grog

The Grub & Grog Shop. Everything from scratch. Organic where possible. Local. Fresh


Served from 8.30am weekdays & 9am weekends.

Add egg (v) .....£1.00
Add bacon (m) .....£2.00
Add salmon (f) .....£2.00

Lunch menu

Served from 12pm

All dishes vegan unless stated Meat (m) Fish (f) Veg (v)
Allergies? Please ask. Most items can be made gluten-free.
Items subject to availability.
Ethically sourced. Organic where possible. Local. Fresh.

Our meat comes from Cross Lanes Organic Farm. (Durham)
Our fruit & vegetables are from The Organic Pantry. (Tadcaster)
Our cured fish comes from Staal Smokehouse. (Beverley)
Our dairy & eggs come from Gazegill Organics. (Clitheroe)